Frequently Asked Questions
Patient Information

Care card, list of medications, contact info for your family doctor and optometrist.

For an initial consultation, your appointment may take up to 1-2 hours depending on the nature of your condition.

You will usually have your eyes dilated as part of a complete examination. This means that you will have drops instilled into your eye that may blur your vision and make you sensitive to light. We recommend bringing sunglasses that you can wear on your way home. You are still allowed to drive with your eyes dilated, but some patients do not feel comfortable driving. If you think you might not feel comfortable, we recommend bringing a driver or finding alternate transportation home.

You may also have an OCT scan of your retina & optic nerve (if necessary), along with other tests (e.g. you may have measurements of your intra-ocular pressure and corneal thickness, as well as clinical exam of the anterior and posterior segments of your eye.

All cataract surgery patients check-in at the VGH Eye Care Centre on the lower floor (2550 Willow Street, Vancouver).

Some eyelid surgeries are done in the office (6009 Fraser Street, Vancouver). Others are done at the VGH Eye Care Centre (2550 Willow Street, Vancouver). Please confirm with our office prior to your surgery date if you are unsure.

No, Dr. Nathoo does not do glasses prescriptions, you will need to see your optometrist for this.